Sous Vide Cooking

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The sous vide technique is no longer something new in the industry. However, some might find the equipment required too expensive. Do the benefits justify the cost?

Benefits of Sous Vide cooking

Perfect and consistent results

Chefs can maintain a very precise temperature that allows them to create the same results in a dish every time. This is especially useful when cooking meat and seafood to ensure that the required doneness is attained. Restaurants can always produce consistent dishes even with changes in the kitchen crew.

Enhance natural flavours

Throughout culinary history, food has been wrapped in leaves, parchment paper and even salt in attempts to lock flavours within. Using the sous vide method, food is sealed in a vacuum pack that keeps all natural juices and flavour to cook at a low temperature. The food prepared also contains more nutrients that are otherwise destroyed by high cooking temperatures.

Increased kitchen efficiency

Since food cannot be overcooked using the sous vide technique, there is no need to spend time attending to the food while it is being cooked. This technique helps save time during service, when the manpower crunch is most felt.

What equipment are required to perform sous vide cooking?

Vacuum bags

There are food grade vacuum bags available that are meant for sous vide cooking. They come in various sizes, and with different temperature tolerance. Always consult the retailer before making your purchase.

External suction machine

If your kitchen has limited space, then a smaller machine that can be kept easily might be the choice for you. Although the external suction machine is not able to vacuum pack food with sauces, it is still an excellent choice to handle components of a dish that are meant for sous vide cooking, such as meat and seafood. 

Table chamber vacuum machine

This bulky machine is able to vacuum seal anything for sous vide cooking, including sauces and marinades. It is a heavy duty machine that can work faster, and is meant for establishments that intend to handle larger volumes of food.

Immersion circulator

An immersion circulator can be fitted to any food pan or container to perform sous vide cooking. Traditionally, it was only used in labs for microbiology or delicate chemical processes until the late twentieth century. For cooking purposes, always use a food grade immersion circulator.

Sous Vide bath

The sous vide bath is made to fit in accessories that gives a chef more options. There are accessories that can keep siphons in place, and racks that help organise the vacuum packs. It is also able to control and maintain the temperature better than an immersion circulator.