PAL Wipes Promotion
30 Nov 2016

Special price for TX Wipes

PAL TX Wipes promotion!

NOW: $77.36 per carton for 5 cartons and below 
   $70.00 per carton for purchase over 5 cartons 
Usual Price: $94.80 per carton

PAL TX Wipes
*Alcohol Free formulation
- Light smell and skin friendly formulation
- Proven safety on food environment

*Tritex materials
- Strong and non-linting materials
- Fully recyclable

*Excellent performance in killing 
- Active against bacteria, fungi, yeast, spores 
and viruses

*Efficient and cost effective
- Control dosage ensures effective disinfection 
in each wipe.

* Offer valid till 30th Jan 2017.
* 10 Canisters per Carton.
* Prices before 7% GST.
* While stocks last.

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